Silver Lake Manufacturing warrants our sled decks and flat beds to meet the generally recognized standards of quality and excellence in the trade for goods of their type and kind. Should workmanship or materials of Silver Lake Manufacturing prove defective by such standards within one year from the date of purchase by the original owner, replacement parts or repairs will be furnished without charge where our investigation shows that the goods were defective, provided written notice has been given to us immediately upon the discovery of such a defect. We reserve the right of requiring the return of defective goods, transportation, brokerage, and insurance prepaid, before any claim is recognized. Goods, of parts, thereof, not manufactured by Silver Lake Manufacturing are warranted only in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty. Reasonable assistance will be rendered to aid in the enforcement of any such manufacturer’s warranty, but we assume no liability with respect thereto. No warranty is extended and we shall not be liable for labor, transportation, special, indirect or consequential damages. Silver Lake Manufacturing prefers that all work to be done at the location of Silver Lake Manufacturing, if this is not feasible, a written estimate, signed and approved by Silver Lake Manufacturing must be presented before the work is started, otherwise the warranty is void and you will not be reimbursed. Silver Lake Manufacturing sled decks and flat beds are designed and manufactured with substantial safety margins. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the decks are maintained to a safe standard. We assume no liability for any incident arising, and abuse will be inspected and will be determined at the discretion of Silver Lake Manufacturing.