ATV Decks

Side Loading ATV & UTV Deck 

This deck was designed with camping in mind. It features specialized ramps that are adjustable and expandable for comfortable loading. It loads off the side so that you do not have to un-hitch your camper trailer. (A stinger extension on reciever hitch is recomended for short bed trucks, and an equalizer hitch is recommended.)

MSRP: $2450

Price varies due to shipping cost. Contact your dealer for final pricing.


Box Size:  Fits short and long bed

Dimensions:  8 1/2ft x 6 1/2ft

Decking: 1/2″ A/C marine plywood

Construction: ALL aluminum (6061T6 -straight parts / 6063T4 -bent parts)

Ramp: 2 section adjustable (14″ wide per section)

Tie Downs: Standard tie down mounts

Headache Rack: Full cab protection, welded

Additional Features: Removable stop side bars to prevent accidental run-off side when loading