Customer Testimonials

Here’s what are customers are saying:

“For years Team Thunderstruck has worked with SliverLake decks and there is no doubt that Mike makes the most durable and lightweight decks on the market.  They are an invaluable part of Thunderstruck’s ability to get to the snow, both early winter and late spring!  And with gas prices as high as they are, it is a blessing to NOT have to pull a trailer all year!   Lightweight, functional, durable, great-looking and money-saving!  What more could you ask for?”

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Team Thunderstruck

– Jim Phelan,

“Hi Mike, You built a flatbed for me 2 years ago. I love it and it gets lots of compliments. I found out how strong it is this weekend. A drunk driver slammed into it while my truck was parked. He hit the side of the bed at the rear going about 40mph. He slid my truck side ways about 4ft. My truck was parallel to the yellow line when I parked it. The damage is very minimal. Thanks for a great flatbed.”

Brian Beck

“I’ve been running one of your decks for the past two years and love it! The only way to fly with the rising fuel prices, limited access and I love the fact that the sides push in. I can still use the truck during the week without the sides sticking out getting in the way. Top notch work, keep it up!”

-Scott Marquart, Meridian Idaho

“As a snowmobile film company, over the years we have collected a large amount of equipment including cranes, steadycams, expensive cameras, but by far one of the most important pieces of equipment that we use in our line of work is an Expandable Sled Deck from SilverLake Manufacturing. As a full time snowmobile film company, we spend over 150 days every winter on the road, chasing both the best conditions and the most talented athletes. Our SIlverLake Sled deck allows us to carry two mountain sleds, fuel, parts and bulky filming gear in the covered storage space below.  The most important aspect of our sled deck is the freedom of mobility we gain, particularly in crowded hotel parking lots, clogged interstates and narrow remote forest roads. We never have to deal with the frustrations of blown trailer tires, a second registration and curbs / streets shortsightedly designed around the Prius.

 The guys at SilverLake have invested a great deal of time to build lightweight yet durable aluminum decks that can stand up to the abuse of snowmobiling. The two piece sliding ramp, tucks cleverly under the deck, and is easily operated by a single person, making for quick and efficient loading and unloading. When you spend as much time on the road as we do, the ability to travel with all our equipment in one truck, without the inefficiencies and hassles of a trailer makes the SilverLake Expandable Sled Deck an absolute necessity.”

– The boys at Schooled Films

“SilverLake Manufacturing sled decks are the ones the Extreme Team relies on day in and day out.  Solid construction, expert craftsmanship, and features such as telescopic ramps and sliding sides to make the deck narrower when needed and trick LED lighting set these decks apart from all others. The Extreme Team trusts and depends on SilverLake Manufacturing for all their sled deck needs.”

-Brad Diesen, Extreme Team Films

“Just got mine delivered tonight. Very sharp deck at a great price!!! Thanks Mike!”

-TMilo Juenemann from Hillsboro, Oregon

“I just got one of these decks and they are top quality. Can’t go wrong for the price. Thanks for the great deal. (My brother also bought one)”

-Sean Emo from Placerville, California

“Picked up my deck Sunday morning, was amazed at the quality for the unbelievable price!!! Well worth the 600+ mile round trip drive. Thanks for making the purchase so smooth. We made it home just in time for the soccer banquet. The daughter was happy and she got some good seat time behind the steering wheel.”

-Eric Kerchner from Helena, Montana

“My brother in law bought one of your decks. Very very nice! Extremely well built and great price. Very impressed!”

-William Brush from Walla Walla, Washington

“I bought one of these decks from Mike last weekend and I am very happy!!! I drove from Seattle to Idaho to pick it up site unseen and I was not disappointed. If your in the market for a great aluminum deck this is the one. Thanks again mike.”

-Jason W. from Duvall, Washington