Premium Model Sled Deck

SilverLake Mfg Bobtail Deck

Premium Bobtail Sled Deck

MSRP: $2,420

Price varies due to shipping cost. Contact your dealer for final pricing.


Box Size:  Fits short and long bed (6’3″ is the shortest it will fit)

Dimensions:  8ft x 8ft

Decking: 1/2″ A/C marine plywood

Construction: ALL aluminum (6061T6 -straight parts / 6063T4 -bent parts)

Lights:  LED running lights (2 amber, 2 red)

Wiring: 2-point plug

Ramp: Sturdy 11 ft telescopic ramp with plastic ski runners

Tie Downs: Manufactured with standard screw type aluminum tie downs and standard tie down mounts as well as Super Clamp© mounting plates

Headache Rack: Full cab protection, welded


center strip for bikes on the sled deck ramp for $370

Tie Downs: Add $220 per Super Clamp II© if purchased individually, or $155 if pre-ordered before manufactured

Plastic Ski Runners: $160 (if installed with order)


Upgrade the marine plywood to quality aluminum for $580.00!



Custom powdercoating $420.00

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